Player Expectations

  • It’s a fun game, we will do our best to keep it that way, we would ask that you try to keep it that way  
  • We are the Bucks, we are a champion program and we act like champions.
  • Play and act with respect and class, you are representing; yourself, your family, the coaching staff and the ADHL Hockey
  • No dirty or cheap play, we will not tolerate this type of play 
  • No cursing 
  • No yelling/complaining to refs 
  • When called for a penalty, good call or bad, go to the box without incident 
  • Win AND lose with class 
  • Treat teammates and others with respect (parents, siblings, opposing coaches, opposing parents, referees, etc.) 
  • Social media that mentions ADHL Hockey, the Bucks, or any affiliate organization by name is legally under the auspices of AAHA. Think and understand that any statement, reply, post/repost, comment, etc. can and will be used by our opponents against us. Again, you always represent yourself and the Bucks, regardless of where you are or who you are communicating with. 
  • You are in charge of your bag, equipment, etc. Wash your stuff unless we are on a streak!

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