Practice Expectations

  • Arrive 45 minutes to 1 hour prior to the scheduled ice time for practice. Check with your coach for their preferences and for specifics.
  • Give 100% effort. That doesn't necessarily mean skating as fast as possible for every drill, as some drills are emphasizing technique and/or timing over speed. 
  • Don’t cheat drills! If you don’t give 100% in practice, you are not going to be able to execute for your team during a game. You play how you practice.
  • Practice hard against your team and it will make everyone better. No cheap or dirty play in practice.  
  • Bring your own water bottles and keep them on the bench. It is important that players stay hydrated during practice. We do not provide "Team" water bottles.
  • We will Evaluate and give one on one feedback to players throughout the season. Player feedback is based on where the player is now and what they can do to improve. We want everyone to play our beautiful sport for a long time and we want everyone to improve.
  • Adhere to all facilities rules.  



  • Pucks, cones, pads etc. specifically placed are not to be touched or played with. 
  • On the whistle - everything stops, do not even finish your shot.
  • Every player should be listening for drill set up and return.
  • At the end of practice whistle, pucks go immediately into the nets (no shots) and pucks into bags/buckets.
  • Shooting on the net when a coach, goalie or another player is retrieving pucks is forbidden. There is always one that wants to test this, don’t be that person!
  • Team members who consistently help will be able to gain volunteer hours for school.
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