Attendance and Two Sport Players

ADHL "Bucks" Hockey believes that consistent participation in practices and games is integral to the development of our hockey players, a positive team experience, and the overall success of our hockey program. Attendance is required for all practices, games, and tournaments. It is part of the commitment your player and family is making to their teammates and coaches when accepting a position on a Bucks travel team. 

While ADHL Hockey understands that 100% attendance at all events may not be possible over the course of the season, the expectation is that players will make every effort to honor their commitment to their team. Missed practices and games may result in a loss of playing time. 

Legitimate absences include illness, injury, and participation in mandatory school and religious activities. Players with an ongoing commitment outside of hockey that may affect their attendance (e.g., another fall travel sport) should consult with the Director of Hockey Operations and their coach prior to accepting a position on a Bucks travel team.

Additional policy guidelines:

  • We believe participation in other sports positively contributes to the long-term development of our players. Players who commit to a Bucks travel team are committing to hockey being their primary sport during the hockey season. During the season, we expect that hockey practices and games should not be missed for practices of other sports, and that hockey games should not be missed for games of other sports, with the exception of high school hockey games. All high school hockey players should consult with the Director of Hockey Operations and their coach prior throughout the season to coordinate attendance between Bucks travel games and high school hockey games.
  • School “requirements” should not be confused with “homework.” Players and families are responsible for ensuring the player has adequate time for their homework and other school commitments outside of their hockey commitments, and make personal sacrifices (e.g., eliminate video games and TV) before sacrificing hockey and negatively affecting their team’s development.
  • While important, family vacations and social activities (e.g., a friend’s birthday party) should be planned for or attended outside of scheduled practice and game times where possible.

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