Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who do the Bucks play against?

A. The Bucks teams compete in the AZYHL against other Travel Teams that play in the AZYHL (i.e. Jr. Sun Devils, Jr. Coyotes, Bobcats, AHU Knights, AZ Titans, Flagstaff, Tucson, Mission, New Mexico, El Paso, Las Vegas, etc.).


Q. Are the Bucks a Travel Level Hockey Team?

A. The Bucks teams are Travel Level Hockey teams, but DO NOT travel out of state.


Q. If the Bucks don't travel out of state, what do they do for tournaments?

A. The Bucks teams typically play in 5 to 7 local tournaments against teams from around the country.


Q. Are the Bucks teams allowed to travel out of state if they want to?

A. Yes, the Bucks teams can decide if they want to travel out of state for tournaments or friendly weekend games around the AZYHL schedule and the local tournament schedules. Costs associated with out-of-state games, tournaments and travel are outside of the costs of the Bucks program. All out of state trips are voluntary and any associated costs will be split between and allocated only to the players that choose to participate in the out-of-state Bucks activities.


Q. What does a typical season schedule look like for the Bucks?

A. Season schedules vary from year to year but the Bucks teams typically skate 3-4 times per week. For the 2023-2024 season players should plan to skate three shared practices each week, and one game slot each weekend.


Q. When does the season run from?

A. Per the AZYHL rules, the season starts shortly after tryouts, when you sign on with the Bucks for the next season, which typically takes place in early June. The season officially runs through the last day of the AZYHL playoffs for your teams division, which is typically somewhere around the end of March the following year. The AZYHL Seeding Tournament takes place Labor Day Weekend each year. 


Q. When do the Bucks teams start skating for the season?

A. Although tryouts are typically held near the end of May, the Bucks teams typically do not start skating with their official coaches until sometime in August, however, we typically have open summer ice sessions for current Bucks players and alumni to free skate at.


Don’t be afraid to approach Bucks staff with questions. There is no dumb question as lots of stuff is new to the program every year.  

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